Universitas Internasional Batam E-Journal (UIB Journal) is an integrated management system of journals which published by academic community in UIB.


  • ALTASIA (Jurnal Pariwisata Indonesia)

    Jurnal Pariwisata ini sebagai media kajian ilmiah dalam hal penelitian maupun pikiran ilmiah dan kristis di bidang mengenai Kepariwisataan dalam bidang : Destinasi Pariwisata, Perhotelan, Pelayanan Jasa, SDM Pariwisata, Makanan dan Minuman serta Budaya

  • Global Financial Accounting Journal

    Global Financial Accounting Journal is a journal of research in accounting and finance which is published by Departement of Acounting, Batam International University regularly. This journal is published twice a year. The publication of this journal is intended to publish writings in accounting and finance that have contributed to the development of science, profession and accounting practice in Indonesia and International. The field study of this journal are accounting & finance, management accounting, auditing, taxation, accounting information systems and capital markets. Global Financial Accounting Journal contributing to accounting and financial insight academics, practitioners, researchers, students, and others who is interested with the development of profession and accounting practices in Indonesia. Global Financial Accounting Journal receives writing from various writers.

  • IALLTEACH (Issues In Applied Linguistics & Language Teaching)

    The language, be it verbal or non-verbal, has been the primary medium of human interactions to take place. However, there still seems to be a little attempt for a thorough investigations in understanding problematic issues that may emerge because of the language. Issues in Applied Linguistics & Language Teaching (IALTEACH) aims at bringing  together scholars whose interests fall upon the areas of applied linguistics and language teaching to publish their scholarly articles in IALTEACH. As the term ‘applied’ implies, this journal combines interdisciplinary discussions on language issues that would bridge not only systematic investigations of the language , but also the theories, research methods, and practices within the scope of  applied linguistics and language teaching. Therefore, the contributions are welcome in the following areas (but not limited to) of study; language learning & acquisitions, translations, linguistic aspects of language learning & teaching,  current trends in ELT, English for specific purposes, and Englishes in Southeast Asia.

  • Journal of Civil Engineering

    Journal Civil Engineering ini meliputi bidang Struktur, Manajemen Konstruksi, Transportasi, Sumber Daya Air dan Geologi

  • Journal of Business Management and Hospitality

    Journal of Business Management and Hospitality (JBMH)  is a peer-reviewed publication that focuses on business  management and hospitality issues.

  • Journal of Law and Policy Transformation

    Journal of Law and Policy Transformation (JLPT)  is a peer-reviewed publication that focuses on legal and policy issues.  JLPT contains full-length theoretical and empirical articles from national and international authorities which analises legal and policy development, reformation and transformation